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Started: 03/22/2015
We have been working hard in the editor and server to bring you a better UT experience. Stop by and play a round or two in the Mega Unreal Hub in the Unreal Tournament Alpha! Check back to see more updates... right here at
The Lava Cannon
So many of you might remember the "Bouncer" from BulletStorm. It was a fun weapon that projected a hot ball that exploded on impact! Well I have been working hard to bring that weapon now known as the "Lava Cannon" into UT4 for everyone to enjoy! The devs over at Epic Game found this to be pretty cool and Highlighted The Lava Cannon on their weekly twitch Stream. Check out the Video at the 11 minute mark!
New Game Type Avarice XR
Hello Fraggers we are running a new game type called Avarice created by FrostbyteGR and then modified by MEGA!
You can Download it and install it into your \Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Paks\DownloadedPaks Folder! Download AvariceXR Here Its a very small file. An alternative is to go to the Mega Unreal Hub and Play a AvariceXR match and you will have it. Below are the rules!

The GameMode is played on DM/TDM Maps. Once launched, weapon bases will be replaced by neutral conduits.
Scoring is done by fragging other players, and by capturing skulls at any conduit.
When players have picked up enemy skulls, skull-shaped particles will start orbiting around their player model. Players carrying many skulls can be easilly identified as high value targets.
When players get killed, they drop their skull and any other skulls that they might be carrying.
Players spawn with max health and 100 armor. (Armor Vest and Thigh Pads)
Players spawn with all of the available arsenal that the map contains, minus super weapons, at half ammo capacity. (for example, if there isn't a bio-rifle weapon pickup in the map, you get no bio-rifle)

Bug Notice----- When Game type is run on a server and Not a Hub you get points for Kills and Skulls!
Fragstafarian Hat and Goggles
Get The gear Now!! Get it here!
YouTube Video
Custom Flags
We now have Custom Flags with the logo on them!
How to use the Flak Cannon
Thanks to Zaccubus he covers movement, weapons, pick ups and more in his video series!
You can find a full list of tutorials at http://www.unreal...o-play-ut/ Most are complete but some may be marked as coming soon.

He hopes to have all tutorials online before long.

Here is his latest update, the Flak Cannon Tutorial. Check it out and see if you learn anything new!
YouTube Video
Check out the New Lightning Gun!!
Unreal Tournament News
Epic Games Weapon Models, Project Update for Unreal Tournament

This week, Senior Artist Pete Hayes talks about the newest weapon additions in the game and concept art that is currently go through review and iteration. We’re so happy to see the community working on the weapons, including the controversial Lightning Gun. If you like what you saw in the stream, keep checking back Pete’s WIP wiki page that takes us through the modeling of the shock rifle.



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